See some of our amazing results.

Check out some of the amazing before and after images as a result of of using Arbormax. This gallery is just a small sample of the fantastic results you can get in making your trees and shrubs greener and fuller.
  • Restores healthy color to foliage
  • Restores health to the trees roots
  • Restores health to bark and damaged areas
  • Restores health to the circulatory system
  • Restores lost or damaged buds
  • Helps trees resist or overcome weather damage
  • Helps trees to thrive in difficult conditions
  • Increases the production of fruit trees
  • Increases the growth rate
  • Increases survival rate of transplanted trees
  • Builds stronger roots
  • Builds trees’ immune system
  • Restores Health from Insect Damage
  • Provides long term health benefits

Here are some amazing pictures! One of these Maple trees was treated with ArborMAX, one without. Both trees are in the park strip by a neighborhood road, within 20 feet of each other. You can see the incredible difference between the two in growth, and leaf size!

Beautiful huge fruit and flower blooms and lush greenery from ArborMAX treatments!